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“Mrs. McMurray”

June 16, 2011

This will be my first blog post! I want to keep an updated log of my current adventures in Kung Fu. So, here goes nothing..

Mr. McMurray is my husband. Since I’ve known him, he’s not only been the love of my life, my support and my strength, my other half. He’s also, since I’ve known him, and it’s been 12 years now, had maybe a bit of an “unhealthy” obsession with Kung Fu. Or so I thought. I had been afraid of training before. Afraid that I wouldn’t be good, that I would hurt myself, or someone else. Just basically afraid. Well, September 2010, Mr. McMurray got some folks together and said, lets train. And they did, I watched, video taped, felt the energy in the room. We decided in October that if everything worked out, if all our stars lined up, we would open a school in January.. Thank you Stars. January 20th Mr. McMurray taught his first class at our new studio at 911 S. 3rd st. in Downtown Renton.
My roll was to be the business manager, to keep my husband fed and clean and to take care of the babes. Big job.. but being in the studio 5 days a week sometimes, watching all these people come in, get their work out, feeling the energy. I decided I needed to try it. 3 days before my 32nd birthday, I finally gave in. After 12 years of saying no, I’ll never be good enough. Mr. McMurray gave me a trial lesson. He let me kick a bag.. As hard as I could. Showed me the “strike set” and gave me some of that energy that everyone else leaves with at the end of a really great class.

I woke up the next morning with that strike set in my head. I got out of bed and practiced it. I held onto the wall and stretched out and practiced my round house kick. I was hooked. That’s all it took, one class, one “trial lesson”! You don’t even really learn anything in a trial, it’s just to show you what Chuan Tao Kung fu is about.
Today is June 16th. That means I’ve been training at Chuan Tao Kung Fu for 4 months. In April, I tied for the most hours trained with one other student.. 30 hours in a month! I have learned the strike set, my Sil Lum form, round house kick, side kick, reverse round house kick, crescent kicks, my punches, high rising block, reverse hooking block, speed blocks.. and it has been so empowering. I feel strong, I feel like a new person, like being 32 isn’t so bad. and I feel like my husband and I are strong together! We did this. 2 kids, 2 dogs, mortgage, jobs, friends and drama.. we did it. It is not easy, hasn’t been easy since the day we decided to do it.. but we are here, our kids are here, and we are loving it.
And now I know that my husbands “unhealthy” obsession with Kung Fu is totally legitimate. I wake up thinking about my forms, about that joint lock we learned the night before, I love my uniform, and was so proud to finally put a sash on.
This is a new path in our lives. I cannot wait to see where it leads us.


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  1. Bradley permalink

    Glad you liked it Mrs Mcmurrey

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